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Maps & Timelines


The use of maps and/or timelines is one of the best ways of to clarify subjects and bring them alive for an audience. They can be used separately or combined, as in the example below, where a scrolling list of chronologically arranged world travellers is used to access maps of each of their individual travels.


Timelines can take many different forms depending on the requirements of each subject and the characteristics of the publishing medium used. In the example below, designed for interactive use on the internet, a scrolling timeline is utilised as a navigational device to access world maps displaying established trade routes at different times in history. 

In the further example below, selecting a date in the CHRONOMETER feature with the ATLAS category activated, accesses a map filtered by one of five groups, in this case CITIES & ROUTES. Switching to TIMELINE imposes a horizontally scrolling timeline of relevant events, which can be clicked on individually to access further information, or scrolled to change the timeframe of the world map behind. (Map graphics by Mukhtar Sanders)

Drone Surveys

Recent developments in drone technology have made economical mapping tools available for architectural and topographical studies, with options for the creation of both virtual and physical 3D models to further illustrate and enhance the understanding of subjects.

Instituto de Cultura Andalusi — Topographical Study
Instituto de Cultura Andalusi — Apiary and East Terraces