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Editorial & Design 

Project Development

Integrated Publishing Solutions

Project Development

Produce an effective plan of action for the development of your entire project through a constructive review of its goals, resources and time constraints.

Content Creation

Build your project with an international team of publishing professionals under the direction of a creative director with more than 20 years of publishing experience.


Maintain the highest standards for your project through all the stages of the publishing process, while making the most efficient and productive use of resources.

Specialists in
Islamic Art, Architecture,
& History

Validating History
through Art & Architecture

  • Historical Research in Art and Architecture
  • On-site Photographic Documentation
  • Surveying and Mapping
  • Social & Environmental Impact Analysis

Research, Editing & Design

Research & Documentation
Studies in art and architecture and related social and environmental impact. Photographic research & documentation.
Editing & Translating
Editing, subediting and proofreading. Translation from Arabic to English.
Specialists in Islamic texts.
Design & Production
Graphic design and typesetting.
Website design and production.
Environmental design solutions.

Publishing Projects

Digital & Print

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Pattern analysis of Sultan Ujaytu Qur’an courtesy of Adam Williamson¬†
Alhambra Palace photography – Robert Spiker