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Special Projects

Limited Edition Book
Al-Masjid al-Aqsa

This very special edition of Al-Masjid al-Aqsa was produced to facilitate a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem through an encyclopaedic overview of its art and architecture, presented in the context of the events, functions and institutions that inspired it

Al-Masjid al-Aqsa is a unique compendium of knowledge and information about the history and significance of this important site, appealing to a broad audience of all faiths and backgrounds, produced to the highest publishing standards, with some of the most outstanding photography on the subject ever gathered together in one volume.

Text: Robert Spiker
Photography: John Gulliver
Publisher: Desert Publisher
Edition: Limited Edition of 2,000
Presentation: Hardcover/Clamshell Box
Format: XXL Format 36 x 48 cm
Extent: 464 pages photos and text
Weight: 12 kilos
English editions
ISBN: 978-603-90762-4-7
Arabic editions
ISBN: 978-603-90762-0-9

La Chumbera Theatre, Granada — Robert Spiker

Concert Tour 
Mahmud Mirza

A series of posters and albums were created to support the Andalusian tours of the renowned sitar player renown sitar player Ustad Mahmud Mirza.

A dedicated website was created to support the tours. The dual language site included a comprehensive audio and video archive of the musician’s music, together with the current tour schedule and reviews of preceding events.

The concerts were recorded live and documented with a series of video productions sponsored by the Golden Web Foundation for the Living Traditions Series

Living Traditions Series — Orgiva Concert
In a rare public appearance in Andalucia, Ustad Mahmud Mirza plays at an open air concert near Orgiva in June 2009.

Artist: Ustad Mahmud Mirza
Raga Excerpt: Shyam Kalyan
Venue: Molino Benizalte
Director: Zak Whiteman
Tour Organizer: Ali Keeler
Series Producer: Robert Spiker

Environmental Design
Corporate Identity

The powerful effect of environmental cues on the morale and orientation of personnel became apparent when the expansion of activities of the Golden Web Foundation in Cambridge required a move from their traditional Georgian headquarters to modern open plan offices in one of Cambridge’s new business and research parks. The traditional focus of the foundation, which had been reinforced by the architecture of the previous location, became subtly eroded by the contradictory environmental cues of the new corporate surroundings. A surprisingly effective solution was found in the replacement of a particularly disturbing and chaotic postmodern design motif at the entrance to the work space with traditional patterns representing different cultures.

Silkscreened fabric was used to diffuse the harsh light of the original design and laser cut patterns were applied to the remaining glass panels. The change in ambience was immediate, dramatic and positive.

Corporate Identity Solution